Africa Experience: 5 Interesting Facets of Africa That You Can Enjoy!
Africa is an amazing continent. Yes, continent. A lot of people still think Africa is a country, Africa is a continent made up of 54 beautiful countries. Each country offers superb holidays and adventures, which is why some of them are among the most visited in the world. Africa is referred to as the Cradle of Humanity, the Home of several record-breaking phenomena, and home of the world’s last remaining “real wilderness”. Africa is now a major holiday destination. Whether you visit South Africa, Tanzania, or literally wherever in Africa, you’ll invariably encounter these interesting facets that will lead you to a unique and interesting Africa experience.

Get the Africa Experience of a Lifetime


When one hears “Africa”, it is almost a reflex to think about the wild animals roaming freely around its wide-open savannas or swinging about its wealth of trees in the jungles. The continent is endowed with more than 1,100 species of mammals. Indeed, it is a unique Africa experience you will only find in this amazing place. giraffes in africa experience Perhaps the most famous wildlife attraction in Africa is the Big Five which is composed of the African lion, African elephant, Cape buffalo, African leopard, and rhinoceros. These animals can be easily seen in almost every country in Africa, especially in East Africa which holds the entire Big Five along with other big game populations. No wonder why Tanzanian and Kenyan safaris are always a hit. Also, do you know that four of the five fastest land animals in the world are found in Africa? Wildebeests, lions and Thomson’s gazelles can hit up to 50 mph while the cheetah can speed up to an impressive 70 mph. In the lush forests of the continent, you can find several species of monkey, from black and white colobus monkeys, gelada baboons, chimpanzees and the world-endangered Mountain Gorillas, Earth’s largest primate. Even the last animal you’d think of finding in Africa, which is the penguin, is actually still present in the continent. The bird life in Africa doesn’t disappoint either. With over 2,600 bird species, most of the countries see both resident and migratory bird species inhabiting mainly its water bodies like rivers or lakes.


The culture of Africa is varied and manifold, consisting of an influx of ethnic groups that each have their own unique characteristic. A product of the rich history and diverse populations that inhabit the continent, African culture is incredibly fascinating and vibrant. Their culture is expressed through arts and crafts, folklore and religion, clothing, cuisine, music, and languages. Maasai tribe - Africa experience Among the many influencers that made a mark on Africa’s culture are Arabs, Europeans, and Indians. In different countries of Africa, you’re going to come across a variety of cultures each more or less distinct than the other one. As mentioned, you will see these fascinating distinctions through their art, clothing, sculptures, potteries, weaving materials, cuisines, folklore, dance, and songs. The jumping “Adumu” dance performed by Maasai people, for example, is well known throughout the world.


Food in Africa is as exotic as it sounds. The local flavors and playful blend of spices create a mouthgasmic gastronomic experience. Traditionally, African cuisines use a mixture of locally cereal grains, fruits, vegetables and meat, and milk products. African dishes - Africa experience Of course, ingredients used varies on the region and its available local products. Each region has their own preparation techniques, consumption habits, distinctive dishes, and flavors but one thing’s the same: their food is glorious. Food also defines the culture of a country and tasting their cuisines will also give you a fantastic taste of Africa experience.


With a stunning coastline that stretches 26,000 kilometers, Africa boasts of a myriad of coastal towns and beaches – some of them are among the best ones in the world. Although its popularity doesn’t resound as loud as the African wildlife, African beaches were never overlooked. Cape Town Beach in South Africa - Africa experience In fact, countries like Tanzania (particularly Zanzibar), Kenya, Seychelles and South Africa are world-renowned beach destinations. Exciting water activities are available, too! You can go scuba diving, snorkeling, kite surfing, fishing, surfing, and even shark cage diving! Check out: 9 Days Tanzania and Zanzibar Stone Town and Spicy Island


This particular facet of Africa cannot be found in all 54 countries but most sought-after destinations like Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa can guarantee this. So, if you want ring-side seats to the greatest natural shows on Earth, Africa’s got a load of them! wildebeest migration - Africa experience In South Africa, the astounding Great Sardine Run can be witnessed. In this event, billions of shimmering silver sardines spawn the cool waters and move up the coast. It is a truly unbelievable sight, especially if you dive. Botswana’s Okavango Delta flooding is also amazing. What is a dried up riverbed, dusty plains and hot, dry desert that appears to be an uninhabited wasteland with zero ability to support life becomes a wildlife magnet overnight. Of course, nothing beats the iconic Great Wildebeest Migration as the top Africa experience you should definitely see with your own eyes. The Great Wildebeest Migration is greatly known as the world’s largest animal movement, named as one of Africa’s Natural Wonders and dubbed as the World Cup of Wildlife. It displays over 2 million hooves: wildebeests, zebras, Thomson’s gazelles, and kudus. These hooves move from one place to another in the Serengeti ecosystem. They are battling with numerous predators like lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas, Nile crocodiles, and hippos. In a run for fresh grazing, these migratory animals cross Grumeti and Mara rivers – an event that’s such a spectacle to see. The wildebeests also give birth to thousands of babies each day between January and March. If you’re around this time, get ready to see newborn wildebeests running for their lives the moment they come out of their mothers’ wombs. Here’s a recommended safari you might enjoy for the calving season: 8 Days Incredible Calving Migration Safari.

Amazing Africa

Africa is a World Wonder in itself. It is everything but ordinary. Whether you’re into doing adventurous trips like safari drives or mountain hikes, romantic getaways like honeymoons and anniversaries, family time or even chill vacations, Africa is just the place to be. It’s the continent that seems to have a whole new world in it. Indulge yourself on the most interesting, unique and enchanting Africa experience you will never forget!
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