Insecure block party headliner

Well, give the people what they want!Vince Staples gets on and kills! The crowd, which is respectable at this point, is rocking. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.‘Now Ya Know’ Halle Berry Confirms She’s Coupled Up With THIS Soul Singer,Kim Zolciak’s 23-Year-Old Daughter Sitting On Her 35-Year-Old Husband Kroy’s Lap Causes A Stir,Things Got Pettyyy When ‘Unbothered’ Offset Posted “Grind Don’t Stop” After Cardi Filed For Divorce,Donald Trump Vows to Nominate Ruth Bader Ginsburg Replacement,Ozzy Osbourne And Uriah Heep Drummer Lee Kerslake Dead At 73,Cardi B Says She's Divorcing Offset Because She's Sick of Arguing.

Well, she’s wanting to launch a YouTube channel.

The latest opinion survey conducted by polling site Number Cruncher Politics has put the Labour Party four points behind the Tories. That much, I know.© 2020 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. How do they mend a bridge they blew up? He asks if she wants to talk and the answer is yes, because she dials his number. Crowd is rocking, Tiffany included, even though it’s nighttime and her baby’s home. Knowing this, it’s veryyy interesting that Issa’s headliner ScHoolboy Q suddenly dropped out of the block party that set the stage for an explosive Issa vs. Condola showdown while fueling spicy speculation across Twitter. We should be worried about her.Trina makes her way to the Block Party and is quick to point out to Issa that it looks like a Farmers’ market. Where can they go from here? As she looks on, finally pleased with who is being represented, Molly shows up with some wings for her.

Lowkey Movin’ On – Insecure Season 4, Episode 5 Recap. She sees the “Good Vibes Only” sign. The problem is, she didn’t take Issa’s vision and dream with this Block Party serious, and now it’s crystal clear.

It goes off without a hitch.Molly goes to Issa and confronts her, saying she went behind her back to get Andrew to hook her up with a headliner.

Sis doesn’t seem to be feeling motherhood.

Molly tried to make it seem as if she was somehow protecting Andrew, but he didn’t make a big deal out of the favor, so why did she?Molly was out here carrying a bucket of sea salt on her shoulders with this Block Party. Molly wasn’t just wrong about her reaction, but her timing was also sh*t.There are some times when you’ll argue with friends, but this fight that the girls had, where they almost got physical, feels like a moment that will be hard for either of them to come back from.

So, you refuse to ask your man for a favor for your friend (understandable), and then you get mad that the friend finds other means to get what she wants. She gets on the ‘gram and sees that Nathan is active so she DMs him.

Womp womp.The musical acts start taking the stage and the crowd is filling out a bit more. Issa is feeling her job so much, she raps about ScHoolboy Q and Roy Choi. She tells Andrew “I love her, but I don’t really like her right now” as she begrudgingly gets dressed.Tiffany and Derek are watching Kelli live her best red-carpet life, because it isn’t like there is anyone else there to take pics. And when Issa points out that IF Molly and Asian Bae don’t last, it will be par for the course for her self-sabotaging ass. I’m not sure, but Molly was wrong here. Right then, Nathan shows up. Things are looking up, though as Koya tells Issa, there’s press there who wants to talk to her. DEAD ASS WRONG. The survey of …

She’s mad Issa has been MIA when she was too for work that got busy.

Interesting….Peep the loud Twitter whispers over Condola’s suspected sabotage of Issa’s block party on the flip.We've joined the BHM Digital family of websites and have updated our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. The Block Party was a rousing success, and Issa couldn’t even enjoy the fruits of her labor.

Tiffany asks Issa if she wants a ride, and she says no.

The weather reflecting Issa’s mood.What was going to be one of the best days, turned into the worst very quickly.Whew child, let me put this out there off the bat: Molly was dead ass wrong.

It’s straight tumbleweeds.

Nah, son.
The girls implode as “f*ck yous” are exchanged and they are this close to coming to blows.Then, someone yells “gun” and the crowd scrambles. You know we love to be late, but we are always right on time! (Credit: HBO) It was the fight heart ‘round the world…or at least around Issa’s block party. It will be the fourth time the “Insecure” team will host a block party event and the first time the event will take place online. The three decide to take their own snapshots, doing the standard happy, sexy, jail poses that are a prerequisite for any squad pics. True, true.Besides, she managed to book Vince Staples as the headliner and SIR was on stage at the moment. HBO’s experiential tactic to build buzz for its comedy series Insecure has always been a promotional block party.

Our girl answers.Derek gets a call that the baby keeps crying, and he tells Tiff they should head home. This is going to be great!Issa turns to the boys and asked if they knew Lawrence and Condola broke up, but neither of them did. This week FLEW by didn't it?

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