The effect of the institution of slavery on southern society was that

He never knew his father, he said, although he “heard it whispered” that it was his owner. Nacaos perform the celebration by parading around with a drumming group, a singer and a chorus, along with many dancers.

Start studying The Institution of Slavery. The corrupt and irresponsible power that slave owners enjoy over their slaves has a detrimental effect on the slave owners’ own moral health.

Further, he lived with his grandmother, while his mother lived and worked miles away, walking to see him late at night. This example of the reinventing of African religion to Brazil religion goes to show how slavery in Brazil impacted the culture. The Portuguese were a major influence on the Kingdom of Kongo by pressuring them to go out, raid neighboring nations, and capture people to sell as slaves.The Kingdom of Kongo was soon reliant on the assistance of the Portuguese, and became weakened as a result. A civil war erupted in the late 1600’s tearing the nation of Kongo apart.,University of Florida Map and Imagery Library.

The nations participating and thus receiving rifles were able to better defend themselves against neighboring nations that tried to attack. The decision to sell their own people may have been looked down upon by some leaders, but needed to be done to ensure that the Kingdom of Kongo was still a major provider of slaves to the Portuguese, so that their internal conflicts did not threaten their economy and political structures.Not only did selling slaves impact a society, buying slaves had a great impact as well.

The export of goods from Brazil, whether that be tobacco, sugar or cacao helped boost the economy of Brazil, but on the backs of enslaved people. In response to this many slaves would practice their culture in secret, so it was not to be forgotten. Spiritual power and energy in both religions are given to the people who are devoted to the religion. The consequences of slavery impacted the societies in different ways whether the societies sold slaves, like the Kingdom of Kongo or bought the slaves, like Brazil, both were impacted by the decision to do so.The Kingdom of Kongo had slavery, even before the arrival of the Portuguese.

However, the slaves in Brazil were told they had to follow the religion of their masters (Davidson, 152). Slavery’s Damaging Effect on Slaveholders. The reinvented forms of religion and traditions of the former African culture now Afro-Brazilian culture was an impact that still exists today and is still celebrated in Brazil. Kongo was one of the Portuguese’s main slave ports in West Central Africa. The African culture left a lasting effect on Brazil. A large portion of the slaves bought from Africa ended up in Brazil. Nations were depopulated, taking families out of their homes and enslaving them.

Slavery had a large impact on relationships between the Kingdom of Kongo and other kingdoms. Half the Kongos on one side and half on the other. the effect of slavery on his own family. Like in Brazil where many slaves were forced to work in the fields to produce crops that would benefit the economy of the society.

National Library of Aus­tralia. As seen in the table below from the online trans-Atlantic slave trade database between 1501 and 1866 nearly half of the total slaves that have been recorded to have disembarked slave trade ships arrived in Brazil.Each nation has a different and unique culture, this is true about Brazil and Africa. The world's first antislavery society was founded in 1775 by Quakers in Philadelphia, the year the Revolution began. Societies that sold slaves were impacted by the decisions to sell them, such as the Kingdom of Kongo, how their society was weakened by the greed, and need to keep up with the demand of slave trading. Without slavery of either indigenous people or African people the amount of cacao that was exported would have been dramatically lowered. The number of African people in Brazil far outnumbered the Brazilians. Societies that sold slaves were impacted by the decisions to sell them, such as the Kingdom of Kongo, how their society was weakened by the greed, and need to keep up with the demand of slave trading. There were many consequences of slavery that have left lasting effects on people, and societies. The Brazilians ended up switching the African slaves for labor. The societies that bought slaves were also impacted by the decision to use slaves as a cheaper resource. The majority of the work was done by people who did not even get to prosper from the work, but rather filled their owner’s pockets with wealth.The decision to enslave another person impacts not only the people, but societies as a whole. In the end the Kingdom of Kongo thought that by entering the slave trade with the Europeans they would improve their economy and improve their society as well, except that selling these slaves, who at first were captured war prisoners from neighboring kingdoms who soon turned into their own people, had the opposite effect on the society. In the Narrative, Douglass shows slaveholding to be damaging not only to the slaves themselves, but to slave owners as well. The painting depicts an example of African slaves practicing their native culture by dancing a jongo at Campo de St. Anna in Rio de Janeiro. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness simply did not seem consistent with the practice of chattel slavery. The Portuguese would trade rifles with the nations participating in the slave trade. Slavery existed both in the north and in the South, at times in equal measure. With a constant stream of new African slaves being brought to Brazil, the native culture of the African people was not an easy one to be lost.

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