alana blanchard weight loss

I just can’t stand the taste of protein powder! My stomach is not flat by any means. A lot of the time it is water weight, but how are we to know this? Running has never been my thing, until now. But I need to focus on being healthy and on trusting that my body will change and reward me if I push it. I may not always eat perfectly but I do now make the concious decision to eat as best I can without having a total blowout. Meal prepping to me blows my mind. However, I also believe that when taken too seriously calories can turn against you. I’ve also learned that a coffee can fix a sugar or even regular hunger craving right up. My boyfriend constantly reminds me it’s about health. Lately I’ve been having greek yoghurt, blueberries, almonds and a bit of honey for tea.

Today I had a banana and berry greek yoghurt smoothie, a white chicken and salad roll, a bowl of rice bubbles and whole milk with a bit of manuka honey and a steak and veges for tea – plus an extra glass of coffee milk (just then coz I’m hungry) and a glass of pepsi max. I went for a 6km walk the other day with a girlfriend – exercise like this is easy to do! May 08 2013 . I work up a 20 minute sweat on the treadmill, move to the free weights section, use a couple of machines and then finish off with some planking, squats and crunches. That also almost brings my total weightloss over about 14months to 15kg. I’m going off on a tangent here but it’s this kind of thinking that has changed my habits.While I don’t count calories, I reccomend anyone who is starting a journey to consider counting at the start just so they can see how bad something is for them. But things are looking up – I am almost in my healthy BMI – which although many people argue is outdated and an innaccurate measure of fitness, I have wanted to get there for a long long time. Weight loss …

And with about 2 weeks left of my 6 month quota I highly doubt I will shed 2.9 kilos in that time.

Ten kilos is a lot to take on at one time. Six months ago I NEVER would have attempted running on the treadmill.. not only did I believe I’d look spastic, but I just believed I physically wouldn’t be able to do it. I used to be SEVERELY overweight, with high blood pressure, a bad self-image and no motivation to change – all of this in my teenage years. Jul 25 2013 . A sexy body size – no one would call that beautiful girl fat. To feel fit at all is an accomplishment.My eating in the last two days hasn’t been perfect – having my boyfriend home with me is not helpful when it comes to meal times. I ate six mini easter eggs the other day and it totalled to 300 calories! I love fresh fruit – I’ve even discarded the warnings that come with sugar and fruit.Cardio – Cardio has made a very welcome return into my life! No matter what age you are, you should be trying your best to be happy and healthy. I am unbelievably excited about this. I can physically feel myself getting stronger in the gym – after a month of going 5 days a week and slowly increasing the intensity, I’m only now figuring out why I don’t sweat straight away or why I find the level I started on easy. Today I had sushi for lunch instead of takeout.I have learnt that the things I once considered normal foods are now a treat – I know that I shouldn’t eat too much peanut butter on white bread or too many bowls of cereal a week – these things are things that I love to eat but unfortunately have cut back on a great deal. 2 years ago, I never would of thought it was possible. Stick to the basics.I can’t wait to report how much I have lost when I jump on the scales in about a weeks time!Well I am finally feeling like I am getting somewhere! I will just have to save up and buy a new one.Things I’m loving right now – Chobani greek yoghurt (plain, no fat) with frozen blueberries, sweet potato and I also, for the first time ever, made protein bliss balls! I think it’s been about three days since I’ve worked out which is a shame. Anything is possible.So there we go. Here’s hoping.I guess more than anything I’m trying to focus on a healthy balanced diet without having to eat the same everyday. Yes, I still fear the scales but if I try to keep my diet in check and try to workout 3-5 times a week then I know I am doing my best. I have thrown away many clothes that just don’t suit or fit me anymore – even my jackets look loose and sloppy on me. your own Pins on Pinterest I think why would this hurt? So maybe it’s time I looked at a skinny me tea or a serious meal food prep plan.. Over 15kgs down, I love my body. No idea why that is, but it seems to be.

I am determined to lower my weight even more than what I was down to.

I follow a lot of fitspo stuff on instagram, and there is a LOT of pressure out there to have a 6 pack. Not to brag – but I’ve NEVER been an athlete. Oats are a superfood supposedly and they do help me feel full for longer. And while I’m not ready to enter any bikini competetions, I’m already sticking my head into tog shop windows thinking about what I’ll purchase this Summer.I’m going to post my hero again, Alana Blanchard.I hope everyone has a happy, healthy day! After missing the gym for a few days I am ready to get back in and tone and up and feel better! On the flip side, I still have weight to lose. If you are making healthy choices, eating lots of natural unprocessed food, drinking water and working out, you will lose weight, even if you are like me and still enjoy the odd piece of chocolate or cheesecake. I only realize that my hard work has paid off when I see a lower number. But I have. I want to be healthy. That’s 10 pounds for you Americans. Logic is the most important thing in weight loss.

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