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In…,On this episode of Now, This is Podcasting!, I (Jason) fly “solo.” I dig into what’s apparently happening with Kenobi…,The last week so has been pretty exciting for me. In the vein of the.Another Gatekeeper introduced into Lucasfilm and with the shit show that always follows.Who wants to bet Kathleen Kennedy will protect Jason Ward.If Hillary Clinton can defend a known pedophile while acting as a lawyer and ruin a little girl’s life during her defense, deliberately I should add, as well as defend her husband Bill Clinton’s extramarital affairs, which included at least one instance of rape, I’m pretty sure someone like Kathleen Kennedy will protect Ward.

For one thing, he was the explicit inspiration for the character Finis Valorum from Episode I. Friend of the site Darth Del Rio…,The new EW article and covers have hit for Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s second season. The show will…,As the country tries to reopen, movie theaters are bringing back classic films to entice us to go out again.…,If you’re a fan of Russian Doll, you’re going to be jazzed by this new. Jason Ward Endorsed Communist Star Wars Book | Disney Star Wars is Dumb. With a ton of screenshots!Disney+ has new images from Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s next season!The new EW has lots of Star Wars: The Mandalorian photos and info!7 Star Wars Set Photos from a galaxy far, far away! | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Another Star Wars Podcaster Accused Of Chasing Underaged Girls | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Claims Of Pedophilia Against Jason Ward | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Jason Ward Publishes Apology, Selene Responds | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Bryan Young Stepping Back From Fandom | Disney Star Wars is Dumb. (i read Itchy’s preamble of course),Middle-aged SW nerd hits on drunk attention-seeking 20 year-old, news at 11. Joby Harold to write Star Wars: Kenobi for Disney+!Rumor: Jamie Lee Curtis cast in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season 2?MSW Exclusive Look at the design of the bounty hunter Michael Biehn is playing in Star Wars: The Mandalorian Season II.

Selene claims to be 20 years old, and if that’s right, then there really isn’t anything wrong with this. Jason Ward (EIC) Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s third season is in production and a Jamie Lee Curtis/Biehn update! Another reason I stay off “the playground of the fucking idiot, which is twitter:”.What a fucking exhausting experience. But if she’s lying about her age, and is significantly younger than 20, then there could be issues.Another person that Selene talks to by the name of Chris, starts telling her how inappropriate all of this is.

While I love all of the Star Wars films and…,This video is a MakingStarWars.net exclusive detailing the story, plot, and mechanics of Star Wars: Ragtag. Adria Arjona…,ILMxLAB announced a new VR Star Wars video game today.

Which is yet another reason why she needs to be ousted, fast, and left begging on the street.In case you’re wondering about the former bit:Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with Star Wars.Maybe you haven’t noticed, but my citing Hillary Clinton was meant to point to how Kathleen Kennedy was most likely to defend Jason Ward, who, you know, DOES relate to Star Wars.Bill Clinton has nothing to do with Star Wars. In the podcast, Nolan North gives details…,It what amounts to really great news, we have a release date for Star Wars: The Mandalorian’s second season. It seemed like it would never arrive this…,Stills from the second season of Star Wars: The Mandalorian have hit Disney+!

Except that he’s an evil Leftist, and therefore gets lumping in with Kojima and the rest as a part of your usual package of insane rants.Actually, my point about Clinton was more a comparison to Kathleen Kennedy, who last I checked IS related to Star Wars.Besides, believe it or not, Bill Clinton actually DOES have a LOT to do with Star Wars. There’s a lot of…,It was announced by Lucasfilm today that a new animated Star Wars television show is hitting Disney+! So who knows what the truth is.While you read the following, make sure to keep in mind that Jason Ward is the guy who wrote articles on.Some of Selene’s friends commented in the thread:Our old friend Feministnerd caught wind of this thread, and had a few comments of her own, as did the official Star Wars artist for TOPPS, Jordan Maison.So much drama. It could be that Chris is another interested paramour, and is doing his best to steer her away from Jason in order to keep her to himself, though that is pure speculation.However, there is talk between these players of Jason Ward exchanging Star Wars leaks for nude pics with several young ladies, the age of whom is undetermined. Let’s write a song about it.Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:Jason Ward Exchanges Star Wars Leaks For Nude Pics?World Class Bullshitter’s Toy Video Series,Ethan Van Sciver’s Star Wars Sex Scandal Video Series,Feministnerd did claim some weird things about Jason Ward impersonating underaged girls online,why is Jason Ward the only one that Kathleen Kennedy follows on Twitter,If It Keeps On Rainin’ The Levee’s Goin’ To Break | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Jason Ward Apologizes With Non-Apology | Disney Star Wars is Dumb,Is Jason Ward Chasing 15-Year-Old Girls?

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