olympic stadium munich architecture

By contrast, the architects want the stadium’s ground-level concourse to remain open to the park, allowing pedestrians to wander through the crisscrossing columns and gaze into the empty pit of the stadium.If the stadium ends up being as porous as the architects planned, the result will be the kind of recycled space haunted by memory. There is no crushing monumental axis leading into the stadium as there was in Berlin.

At the center of it all is this dazzling stadium, which is said to embody everything from China’s muscle-flexing nationalism to a newfound cultural sophistication.Expect to be overwhelmed.

The feverish play of light and shadows is reminiscent of the set for a German Expressionist film.

Neither was the “Grünwalder” large enough at this point for the two biggest soccer clubs in the city, FC Bayern Munich and 1860 Munich.

FREI OTTO Plan. And the developer is considering a plan to create a boutique hotel on the stadium’s upper-level concourse. By creating a hierarchy of intimate spaces, Herzog and de Meuron allow for unexpected moments of privacy and solitude. If that goes forward, the stadium could gradually be swamped by consumerism.Nonetheless, amid the endless debate over the ethics of building in China, Herzog and de Meuron’s achievement is undeniable. A secondary pattern of irregular crisscrossing beams is woven through this frame, creating the illusion of a gigantic web of rubber bands straining to hold the building in place.But the stadium’s exterior also sends other messages. Upon reaching the ground-level concourse, they either spill down into the lower-level seats or climb slender stairways through the matrix of beams to the upper concourses.The crisscrossing columns create a Piranesian world of dark corners and odd leftover spaces — an effect that intensifies as you ascend through the structure.

Olympic Stadium (Munich) original capacity of 80,000 large sweeping canopies ofacrylic glassstabilized bysteelcables.

Herzog and de Meuron came of age when architects had begun striving to break down the purity of late Modernism, which they saw as a kind of authoritarianism.

The Chinese government has already threatened to build a fence around the stadium after the Games. In a site for mass gatherings, Herzog and de Meuron have carved out psychological space for the individual, and rethought the relationship between the solitary human and the crowd, the everyday and the heroic. Rather than offering us a reflection of China’s contemporary zeitgeist, they set out to create a sphere of resistance, and to gently redirect society’s course.The National Stadium reaffirms architecture’s civilizing role in a nation that, despite its outward confidence, is struggling to forge a new identity out of a maelstrom of inner conflict.Olympic Stadium With a Design to Remember.

A vast shopping mall, demanded by the developer who collaborated on the project with the government, is buried beneath the stadium so that it will not disturb the serenity of the surrounding park.

By turning to asymmetrical forms and mysteriously translucent materials, they challenged that rigid, aesthetic ethos.Here, those values reveal themselves slowly as you circle the building. Ti…

From your seat, you gaze out at the surrounding skyline, where rows of generic housing towers seem to extend to eternity.The stadium can, in fact, be read as an attack on the mind-numbing conformity of such architecture.

However the structure attests to China’s nationalistic ambitions, it is also an aesthetic triumph that should cement the nation’s reputation as a place where bold, creative gambles are unfolding every day.Until now, the number of memorable Olympic stadiums could be counted on one hand.

In an intentional counterpoint, Günter Behnisch and Frei Otto designed transparent tentlike roof canopies for the 1972 Olympic Stadium in Munich, daring in their structural innovation. When Munich won the bid in 1966 to host the Summer Olympics of 1972, it soon became clear that a new stadium was needed.

In an intentional counterpoint, Günter Behnisch and Frei Otto designed transparent tentlike roof canopies for the 1972 Olympic Stadium in Munich, daring in their structural innovation. Inside, the steep pitch of the seats creates the impression that the 70,000 spectators are coiled tightly around the field.

Aerial View. The largest stadium in the city until then, was the Städische Stadion an der Grünwalder Straße, had 45,000 seats and was clearly too small for the expected number of spectators. Its elliptical latticework shell, which has earned it the nickname the Bird’s Nest, has an intoxicating beauty that lingers in the imagination.

the tensile glass tent-like roof.

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