orange blossom perfume

Curtains will twitch and your abode will smell as extraordinary as you do.Whittle down our delightful array of fragrances to the perfect scent,Every order of a 100ml scent arrives with the matching Body & Hand Wash too. Thanks!DO IT!

I was surprised at how many orange blossoms there were in here. It’s crisp affection nurtures an invigorating fervour. I wonder if it would be hard to sustain the green and zesty part? It’s sweet, but there’s something a little musky lurking underneath that makes me keep smelling my wrist. I have been intoxicated by Seville au l’Aube (my first foray into orange blossom), and all thoughts of innocence have disappeared.

Thanks again, and please enter me for the draw!Oh, now you are sending me off hunting for Nocturnes! The very first bottle of perfume I can remember receiving as a gift was a tiny little blue “Souvenir of Florida” bottle of Orange Blossom perfume, from my grandmother. it’s light great for warm weather and great for layering. That would have been hot, hot, hot.Rubj EDP, seriously, if you’re not sure about cumin, go easy on it.

yeah, the open is sweet on me, but abotu 15-20 minutes in, when the lavender starts kicking, that’s when it goes to pure love for me.7 Virtues sells in Canada, last I checked, but they were kind enough to send me cotton balls spritzed with fragrance; vetiver, orange blossom, and rose (I think it was rose)… Their company’s mission is wonderful.I love the new Houbigant!

I know, that’s so awful to say for a white floral girl. Thank you for a great list!So agree, that Houbigant I had almost no expectations for, and when I spritzed it, I just did a OOOOOOOHYESSSSSS sorta thing.Orange blossom has a Very Bad Habit of going all soapy on me, which I find really unpleasant in perfume. ,Just doing a quick ‘comment’ check – a couple of people had issues this morning. !I wore Serge’s for my sister’s wedding, and drained a small Jo Malone, but I have been unceasing in my search for an even truer orange blossom. I’m really not complaining–it is nice to have a non-drug sleep aid at my disposal.Yeah, I said that too!! .Oh, and Fahrenheit isn’t orange-blossom (it’s hawthorn, or used to be), but Fahrenheit 32, the one in the frosty white bottle, is.Yes, that’s it! Code: CARDAMOM. (Maybe it’s me. Hated Fire & Cream on me (Magazine St is my fave of theirs) Found that neroli in Morocco was different than most here – not sure why. Have you tried it? If you’re looking for something intensely floral and sweet, make this your go to.Jo Malone is known for her beautiful scents, which no matter what ingredients she chooses, all seems to come together so beautifully. It’s terribly important to mean what your flower is saying, after all.Have you ever paused to take in the scent of a fresh rose and felt instantly uplifted? .I’m an orange blossom freak. Sorry about that. Certain perfumes just make me want to don a ballgown, grab a fur stole and go make romance happen – Seville does that in spades. I adore orange blossom and neroli scents in the summer. Both are highly recommended and both are all natural and have mini/travel sizes available. (which creates another good earworm for me…sigh).Got my sample of the new Houbigant today: it’s gorgeous but it’s also a very familiar smell (which means it must be very close to something else in my collection). I scurried over to my oversized Orange Blossom Perfume post to get some ideas. It’s sweet and a just a touch vanillic, and oh so rich!I know, everyone yapping on and on about Seville really is just fueling any lemmings. It’s an experiment I would have never, ever done but for this. Right now it’s in my hair, mixing with my current conditioner– güd’s Orange Blossom (from the people behind Burt’s Bees) and smelling gorgeous. Perhaps a move to Florida is in order. C’mere. It’s probably the most gourmandy thiing I own (well, okay, it’s a travel bottle). Actually, you are a demon- doing serious damage to my perfume budget as my list of “must sample” gets larger and larger. I love the note in perfume, I can only imagine how much better it is in person.I haven’t tried a lot of orange blossoms, but I do have a rollerball of Joya Ames Soeurs.

Jo Malone Orange Blossom Cologne 30ml (Originally Without Box) 30ml. 0 bids.

Please, please enter me in the draw! I thought it was a really interesting take on OB, and I’m still categorizing it in my head, and it’s not really cooperating. I couldn’t have taken the plunge without having smelled it first. Then put on something really trampy for the second honeymoon.I love the smell of a real orange tree. When you want to relive them, just spritz on some of the orange cologne and instantly be transported back!Aisha Moktadier is a writer and proud graduate of the University of Miami. I do have to admit, they are so much work, knowing that anyone is finding them useful or entertaining helps.This one did seem shorter, didn’t it? Now that I’ve tried a few that are worthy of the moniker as perfume, boy was I wrong in my evaluation.

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