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Like /ContainerCo Follow /ContainerCo. Our specialty is keeping your products cool with onsite portable cold storage and mobile refrigerated trailers.

RAVA Group Container Services Sales and Rents Refrigerated Containers, Gensets, Dry Containers, and Chassis. Refrigerated containers. >>.

Buy a new 20 or 40 ft shipping container.Are you interested in buying a used sea container?Dimensions and sizes of all containers can be found here.Are you interested in purchasing a new reefer container?Are you searching for a long-term rental for a reefer container?Are you interested in purchasing an used reefer container?Does your reefer container require repairs or an inspection?Find out more information about our container rentals,Learn more about our container terminal and depot service,Discover how container tracking works and why it is an excellent solution,In the case that there is no power connection to operate the reefer container.Do you need a specialised container or can we build an individualised container for you?Learn more about container and reefer container transportation.Dealing in perishable goods?
We Service NZ Wide - Get a Free Quote Today! Easily get started with 20ft or 40ft options,Emergency maintenance support, should you need it,Eco-Friendly Shipping Container Beer Cellar Conversion. All you need to run the containers is a 400V power connection on site.We rent out containers sized 10-ft, 20-ft, 40-ft as well as 45-ft; some of them are also available as high cube models. Your refrigerated container machinery is fully PTI tested before dispatch.One thing that stands out is how rarely we’re called out for emergency maintenance.The reason for this is that we supply quality cold store units which have refrigeration machinery built by the brands you know and trust.And if you do ever need assistance with your refrigeration container rental just call our emergency number. We will do our best to provide you with exactly the container you need.All our containers comply with the regulations for food hygiene (HACCP).We offer refrigerated container rental at an excellent price-performance ratio. These containers use a three-phase power supply that allows them to keep a constant temperature ranging between -13 degrees Fahrenheit (-25 degrees Celsius) and 77 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius). By continuing to use this website, you consent to the use of this data processing. Get in touch › ContainerCo. In this article, we explain why it can be useful to rent a container and what rental options you have.There are many reasons why it can be useful to rent a reefer container instead of buying it, especially when you need it for a short period only.One example: if you are preparing for an event or a trade fair, you might need one or two reefer containers for just a couple of days.

The ICEBOX is designed, developed and built using fully refurbished units to deliver all the benefits of portable refrigerated containers at much lower lease and operating costs (.There are around 300 units currently delivering consistent cost-efficiency and power savings in the Pacific Islands region.We offer standard 3-phase refrigerated containers in a choice of,10ft, 20ft and 40ft refrigerated containers.So if you are looking for portable chilled or frozen storage, we can help you out with our range of chilled/frozen storage containers for sale or hire.

Rental container products. Our containers’ uses extend to chilled/frozen storage, pop-up shops and cafes, off- site storage, transportation, portable buildings, accommodation, toilet blocks, shower blocks, swimming pools, kiosks and much more. If you are transporting items that need to be chilled or frozen, a refrigerated container is crucial.Also referred to as reefer containers, refrigerated containers are used when the goods being transported need to be kept within a certain humidity or temperature level.

The cost also depends on if the container is used or new.

If you require storage at below -25 degrees or above +25 degrees please let us know so we can make sure you get the right container for your needs.Yes we do. Renting a reefer might be the perfect option for you. Depot Services 07 975 0150. Prices List. Benefits of renting a container.
Adaptainer is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) FRN828569,Flexible new and second-hand refrigerated container rental plans (from just one day),Premium machinery brands you can rely on, including Thermo King and Carrier,No large financial commitments for your business. But even if you need the containers as extra storage for a longer time, renting can prove to be considerably cheaper than buying.Just imagine you are preparing for the peak season and need extra storage for perishable goods for just one or two months a year, or you are planning renovation work and need a flexible solution for storing your goods during renovation.Renting a refrigerated container offers you all the flexibility you need, allowing you to rent as many containers for as long as you need them. All rights reserved. There is no need to tie up your capital – just stay flexible on all levels.Especially for short term rentals, you can save significantly since you do not have the high acquisition cost and only pay for exactly the time you actually need your container.Not only is there flexibility regarding time, there is also flexibility regarding the quantity of containers. Renting is also an option, with refrigerated container rental costs averaging between $30 and $85 per day. Construction sheds. There are several key benefits of using Polar Leasing’s walk-in refrigerated rental units instead of shipping containers, including: Lower on-site labor costs

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