spanish home insurance

Damage caused by risks that should be covered under mandatory insurance, even when such events lead to financial liability that exceeds the limit set by the aforementioned insurance.11. Po de la Castellana 44, 28046 Madrid. Damage caused by performing sports as a professional is not covered.–  Pet owners: According to the definition provided in this cover, except dangerous breeds of dogs that may be the object of optional cover via the express inclusion thereof and the payment of the relevant premium. Damage sustained by property or animals that, for whatever reason (deposit, use, repair, handling, transformation, transport or other), is in the power, custody and control of the insured or of individuals for whom s/he is legally liable.8. Indemnity for accidents suffered by employees while travelling between the place of work and their residence, as well as during the course of any trips they might make for work-related reasons.6. This could lose you thousands.Spain is relatively new to the phenomenon of price comparison sites which are much more common in other countries. Our privacy notice at the footer of our website lets you know how we use your data and how to request removal. Thosecausedbybadfaithonthepartoftheinsured.j. Fines and sanctions imposed on the insured, as well as any surcharges on the benefits set out in current legislation for punitive reasons.8. However a new online website from Asesor Seguros does compare prices between the best Spanish insurance companies.With home insurance having such important financial consequences should your property be destroyed or badly damaged, it is important to compare prices but don’t necessarily choose the cheapest price on that basis alone.Excellent information and advice to start the research. EasyHome - Home Insurance Spain.
The closing element must have a lock and combination, or a double-lock or double combination, and must be made of materials which are resistant to penetration and fire.Objects made of terracotta, porcelain, synthetic resins installed in bathrooms, toilets and/or kitchens, secured to the floor and/or walls, such as washstands, pedestals, bidets, baths, shower cubicles, toilets and sinks, which form part of the insured home.Combustion and burning due to a flame able to spread from one object to another, which were not intended for burning at the place and time it occurs.The gaseous substance produced from combustion.The sudden and violent pressurisation or depressurisation of gas, steam or dust.Expenses incurred by using means to lessen the consequences of the claim.Violent discharge produced by a disturbance in the atmosphere’s electric field.The removal or illegitimate procurement of the property designated in the policy, against the will of the insured, carried out inside the insured home or adjoining buildings, through the use of acts including force towards objects by housebreaking or using false keys, picklocks or other instruments not ordinarily used to open doors or windows.The removal or unlawful procurement of property indicated in the policy, against the will of the insured, through acts of intimidation or violence towards the individuals caring for or guarding the property.The removal or procurement of property indicated in the policy, against the will of the insured, without the use of force for objects, nor violence or intimidation towards people.The following are considered valuable objects:–  Gold, silver and platinum objects, with or without pearls or set precious stones.

Those due to the mere passage of time and, in the case of goods that are fully or partially submerged on a permanent basis, those attributable to the mere action of the waves or ordinary currents.g. 15- C.I.F.

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