supercar vs muscle car

Which, according to our rules, would make it fall into the Super Car category.Also, adding to its convoluted nature is the story behind the car.

However, the high-end.Muscle cars are still great at what they do best, massive acceleration in a straight line. Despite over-the-top styling, the new C3 was completely familiar under the hood, including the race-bred L88 and the L89 aluminum heads for the L71 435-hp 427. I wish to say that this article is amazing, great written and come with approximately.I feel obligated to mention that the Viper is also technically a mid-engine car so it’s not a Muscle Car by the rules mentioned above as well. There are numerous Charger models that are as fast as Challengers and even supercars.Take the Dodge Charger 392 for instance. Muscle cars are Superstars on the drag strip, and many can accelerate faster than the best supercars on the market.Chrysler alone has many muscle cars that are faster than supercars. Check out the Ferrari 599 and Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640. It has more in common with its US brethren.Still, it is faster than most muscle cars, and it's also way faster than a lot of supercars.

This deliberate side-stepping of the American rules has to take away from its legitimacy as a pure muscle car, right?It is cars like these that have been driving gear head fanatics completely nuts. There’s other bonuses here over a sports car though. Modern V8s sound different than old school muscle, but many of them still sound great.

Best of all, it costs less than the yearly maintenance cost for a Bugatti.When it comes to modern muscle cars this is one of the fastest. That's one of the best deals in the automotive world.

Member. NONE! Big block V8s are gone, but modern small blocks have far more horsepower than even the most powerful classic muscle car. Sports car is a more general term for any nimble two-door car that favors performance over all else, while the classic muscle car is a big American V8 coupe that prioritizes acceleration over handling. Generally though, there are still set boundaries on the traditional cars. Muscle cars have a few distinctions that make them completely unique.1. There are more excellent options than ever, but narrowing it down between muscle cars and sports cars can get confusing.

Keeping this beast on the track is part of the fun.Vipers are wild and unruly, and there are plenty of them that can best foreign supercars.

This impressive muscle car is so fast that it can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 4 seconds flat.Muscle cars don't get much faster than that. That's a very good speed for all the way back in 1997.This Challenger has an insane amount of horsepower, which means that it can handily beat a number of supercars on the track. That’s a lot of performance, starting under $25,000.On the other hand, traditional sports cars were tiny flyweight roadsters with small high revving engines. Supercars don't stand a chance against this very fast and impressive muscle car. This muscle car accelerates like there's no tomorrow.

If you are looking for an incredibly fast car over short distances, this is your best bet. Even by today's standards this muscle car is super fast, and it can best a fair amount of supercars on the track.The Camaro has come along way since 1997, but even twenty years ago the Camaro was a track Superstar. The modern-day Corvettes are more powerful and faster than Bugattis, and you can buy them for 1/10 the price. The Ford Mustang GT is one of the fastest Mustangs ever made.

This is one of the fastest and most powerful muscle cars that GM has ever created.Shelby and Ford go together like bacon and eggs. It's not capable of going 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds, but it comes very close at just 4.2 seconds.At 485 hp, this is one of the most powerful muscle cars on the market. Joined: There’s other bonuses here over a sports car though.

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