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July to March (Northern circuit parks get crowded)


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Tanzania has long been one of Africa’s most sought after countries. With seven World Heritage Sites, consistently mesmerizing landscapes, spectacular wildlife concentration and diversity, prolific birdlife and the most breathtaking sunsets, one could never wonder why. On top of such magnificent natural beauty, Tanzania also boasts of a myriad of remarkable safari adventures, exciting treks, stunning white sand beaches, great diving spots, rip-roaring water sports and rich historical and cultural sites. Truly, Tanzania is the ultimate African dream destination!

A perfect safari destination for first-timers and repeat travelers alike, Tanzania is teeming with world-class adventures and unforgettable experiences for everyone. What makes it even more phenomenal is that it is the most advanced in East Africa when it comes to infrastructure. Despite the influx of tourists each year, Tanzania maintained a sense of being remote and untamed. It is also a very safe country committed to constitutional and electoral democracy. Definitely a safe place to visit all year-round.

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

Tanzania Wildlife Safari

You will be able to experience an authentic African lifestyle, witness incredible wildlife and behold magnificent sights across Tanzania. What makes this vacation even more exciting is that you get to stay at one of Africa’s most charming country lodges with a scenery that’s unparalleled.


Bring your adventure to greater heights by trekking to the summit of the world’s tallest free-standing mountain and Africa’s highest peak! You can spend 5, 6, 7 days or more and choose from different routes with our experienced expert guides. Camp in style, climb in comfort and witness the beauty of the world from atop.

Mount Kilimanjaro
Zanzibar Beach

Revel in the Beauty of

What a perfect way to cap your African adventure by spending it in one of the world’s most beautiful beaches! Zanzibar, an island off the coast of Tanzania, is the quintessential destination for beach lovers, divers and basically everyone who desires a well-deserved R&R. After a week in the bush, a few days in the beach definitely sounds like a perfect idea!

Witness the
Great Migration

Gaze in awe as the epic annual struggle for survival unfolds before your very eyes. Every year, millions of wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and gazelles stampede across the Serengeti plains and rivers – braving their mighty predators – in search for better grazing. People around the world await this annual event and call it “The World Cup of Wildlife.”

Witness the Great Migration

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