Ultimate Safari | The Most Exciting Family Activity Only in Tanzania

For many reasons including spectacular wildlife concentration, Tanzania has long been at the forefront of African tourism. In fact, it has always been a popular and sought-after classic African destination for backpackers and couples alike. Tanzania is one of the best destinations for an ultimate safari experience every family will surely love!

ultimate safari

We get it. When you think of Tanzania safari, you immediately picture yourself in the middle of a vast golden savannah habituated with different kinds of wild animals. As a traveler, you start to feel your feet itch for that extraordinary adventure. As a parent, you instinctively start to ask, “Is this a great idea for my kids?”

The answer’s a resounding YES! Why do you think the famous Beckham family chose this country for a vacation last year (2017)?

Here are the major reasons why Tanzania safari is perfect for your family:

It is remarkable, exciting and absolutely an ultimate safari to enjoy together.

Tanzania boasts of a wildly diverse and highly concentrated wildlife. Hence, its reputation as the prime game viewing country. It features a plethora of game reserves, marine parks, conservation areas and 17 national parks. These hold about 20% of the entire large mammal population in the whole of Africa, habituating approximately 38% of the country’s territory.

These large animals include cheetahs, giraffes, tree-climbing lions, and the world-famous Big Five: lion, leopard, rhinoceros, elephant and Cape buffalo.

tanzania safari is the ultimate safari family activity

With all these and more, you are sure that in just a span of a few days in the country, you’ll never go zero when it comes to seeing wildlife. Getting close encounters with some of them and even encountering thrilling animal activity! And wouldn’t that be a perfect ingredient to an unforgettable family vacation? The kids will love it, you will love it, and you all can share these stories for the rest if your lives!

Plus, Tanzania is home to a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. What’s more perfect than ticking them off your travel bucket list with your whole crew?

You can watch “the greatest spectacle on earth” together.

When we talk about Tanzania safari, it is totally unsound to miss the Great Wildebeest Migration in the Serengeti. This is just one of the main reasons why this place is perfect for anyone who looks for the ultimate safari experience.

ultimate safari

You see, over 2 million wildebeests, zebras, antelopes and gazelles thunder across the East African plains each year. They move in a clockwise pattern from the southern region of the Serengeti including the northern part of Ngorongoro Conservation Area to the Seronera to Grumeti and Mara Rivers to the Mara and then back to southern Serengeti. During their journey, predators are always at large — hyenas, lions, cheetahs, leopards and even Nile crocodiles and hippos!

This hair-raising event is often called the “World Cup of Wildlife” and is even named as the greatest show on earth. While it is a spectacle every living human needs to witness, it would be an even more special one if you get to see this historical phenomenon together.

It’s in perfect timing for the school holidays.

The best time to visit Tanzania and do a wildlife safari is between July and October. It totally coincides with the school holidays! During this time, the Great Wildebeest Migration is “at its peak” with the most iconic safari event – the Mara River crossing – ensuing anytime between those months. Also, it’s cooler during these months, mosquitoes are fewer and road travel is so much better.

In spring half term in February, Tanzania is also calling out to those who are lusting over an ultimate safari experience. This is the perfect time to visit Southern Serengeti to witness the wildebeest calving season (plenty of babies, lots of protective mothers, numerous opportunistic predators!) and also Tarangire National Park for spectacular elephant viewing.

ultimate safari

If you’re eyeing to go on a vacation during Easter, you should also consider traveling to Eastern Serengeti for the massive migration herds and the fantastic views. You see, Tanzania is a year-round safari destination. It’ll ALWAYS have something for everyone.

Seriously. It’s like the universe is telling us to go!

There are plenty of activities for all ages.

Seeing a herd of elephants walking past you, a couple of giraffes scanning the trees or some antelopes grazing on the grasses a few meters away could make any child excited whether he’s a teenager or a toddler. While a safari is typically the primary reason we visit Tanzania, the country is actually more than that. Activities that can be enjoyable for all walks of life include canoeing, cycling through banana plantations, hiking around Ngorongoro crater rims, archery lessons with the Maasai, snorkeling and building sandcastles at the beach!

ultimate safari

Accommodation also ranges from beach bungalows, treetop rooms, safari tents, budget camps, lodges, and traditional hotels. Most of these accommodations have wifi and swimming pools, so children can always enjoy swimming after a day under the tropical heat.

If you want to unleash creativity, you can also take your family to one of the painting cooperatives and have them paint their own masterpiece. This activity, along with other things like storytelling bird watching, bug collecting and short bush walks, is also available in most safari camps and lodges where tour operators assign a guide to entertain younger kids. Still not convinced that Tanzania offers only nothing but the ultimate safari experience?

Now here’s a common question: Is there a minimum age/age restriction for a safari?

Is there an age restriction for a safari?

Generally, no. Most camps and lodges welcome visitors of all ages. However, there are some who restrict children aged 4 years and below, sometimes 6 and below or even under 12. If your kids are around that age or younger, let your tour operator know so they can arrange something that’ll work best for your family. Also, if you’re going to join a group during your game drives, know that not all tourists are fond of having small kids around. If you want, you can arrange for your own vehicle, driver and guide. Although this may come with a price, this also allows you more control over your time and itinerary. Plus, you don’t have to silent your kids all the time.

It offers spectacular family photo ops.

ultimate safari

This is probably a given. With sensational views and sceneries that you can certainly not capture anywhere else, Tanzania would make an astonishing backdrop for a family photo that you can treasure. An ultimate safari experience will never be complete without getting a really good photograph with Tanzania’s naturally stunning background. Whether it’s in Africa’s Garden of Eden, Ngorongoro Crater; or the snow-capped Roof of Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro; anyone who’d look at your photos will absolutely drool! And guess what, you’ll need no filter or photoshop!

Tanzania in itself is a child-friendly country.

A reason why it can provide every family the ultimate safari experience ever. Don’t let connecting flights, extra precaution and a few vaccines hold you back. Yes, traveling to Tanzania may require a bit more precaution than traveling to, say, UK but it doesn’t mean general safety is abig issue. In fact, Tanzania holds stable political, economic and tourism situations. Also, most people in Tanzania speak and understand English.

ultimate safari

If you’re worried about doing some emergency shopping just in case, you can also find processed baby food, disposable diapers, powdered milk, baby wipes and other baby items in major towns.

It has a rich cultural immersion.

ultimate safari

Immersing into other people’s culture broadens a child’s knowledge and view of the world. The great thing about Tanzania is, cultural tribes are very vibrant and active. Some of the tribes you can find in the country are Maasai, Hadzabe, Swahili and Sukuma. You and your kids can dance with them in their native tunes, eat their local food. Also, learn a thing or two about their culture! Opportunities to learn archery and making fire using sticks are also plenty.

All set?

Given the reasons as to why Tanzania offers the most exciting family activity and the ultimate safari experience, it wouldn’t be a surprise that more and more families are visiting each year. Just always remember that the animals are wild, the country may be significantly different than yours. Moreover, parks are unfenced and animals saunter around the plains freely. So ALWAYS exercise vigilance, follow your guide’s instructions and the best advice? SAVOR THE MOMENT. It’s not everyday that you get to experience this kind of wild adventure with your family. 🖤

Top family ultimate safari you should try:

  • 12 Days Bush then Beach Safari: You know how they say “Happiness comes in waves”? Well, you’d understand it better when you head to the beach! In this tour, you get to explore 2 marvelous sides of Tanzania: the bush and the beach. After an exciting wildlife safari, you get to cap off your trip with a relaxing getaway at Tanzania’s tropical paradise, Zanzibar.
  • 8 Days Bushman Culture Safari: You don’t only get to explore the most iconic attractions in Tanzania, you also get to meet some of its most vibrant local tribes! Go learn archery and fire-making (using sticks) with the Bushmen. Jump high and dance with the Maasai and go biking around the Ngorongoro forest with the whole crew!
  • 4 Days Tanzania Safari: Perfect short vacation for those looking into sharing an authentic Tanzanian adventure with the family. Visit the world-renowned Ngorongoro Crater, have a family picnic amidst its wildlife-ridden grasslands. Also, discover the beauty of the picturesque Lake Manyara National Park.

More family ultimate safari to try:

  • 12 Days The Great Migration Package: When you hear about the Serengeti, it is almost like a reflex that you also think about the annual Great Wildebeest Migration. Grab the front seats to this spectacular event and witness it with your family! This vacation will certainly be a good candidate for your family’s top vacations of all time!
  • 5 Days 6 Nights Trek – Marangu Route: If you’re an active family of good fitness standing and your kids is over 10, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is possible for you! If you have kids under 10, Kilimanjaro National Park may give exceptions but that will depend on their recommendation. Mount Kilimanjaro is famous for its year-round snow-capped feature. It is Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain. With this route (Marangu), you will be assured of a hut accommodation all throughout your trek. This route is known to be the most viable route for family treks up the mountain, but you can also take the 5 Nights 6 Days Trek – Rongai Route which is a very easy one with no slopes and with a highly scenic view at Mawenzi tarn camp.

These are just little reminders why you must definitely consider Tanzania. So you can have the ultimate safari experience your family will surely enjoy and remember your whole life.

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