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You just locked it in with your new spouse and after a possibly grand celebration of love with your family and friends, it’s time to celebrate it privately… intimately… dreamily. Of course, the first thing that would come to mind is, “Where should we go for our honeymoon?”. Choose your honeymoon in Zanzibar.

An Indian Ocean archipelago located off the eastern coastline of Tanzania, Zanzibar continues to be an excellent destination for many honeymooners across the globe. But, why? The following are the major reasons why you should spend your honeymoon in Zanzibar:

Idyllic beaches

honeymoon in Zanzibar - Idyllic beachesWhen one thinks of Zanzibar, it’s normal to conjure up images of an island paradise made up powdery white sands, shimmering beache, and beautiful sunshine.


True enough, Zanzibar is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches, and the best part is, it has a wide range of them from secluded beaches to peaceful lagoons to surfing spots to great diving sites. The waters are also clear with a perfect temperature that’s both refreshing and soothing.

The Zanzibar archipelago is divided into regions, each with a distinct feature that could help visitors plan their holiday:

  • North Zanzibar: The most private and least crowded part of the island. It is also the part that’s least affected by tidal range. Holiday-goers, especially those on a honeymoon, particularly love the privacy in this part of Zanzibar. Among the most popular beaches are Nungwi, Kendwa and Matemwe.
  • South Zanzibar: In Zanzibar, the further south you get to, the more crowded and more popular it gets. Cultural sites and the famous Spice Tours can be found in this area. Also, the southern coast provides excellent opportunities to see and swim with the dolphins.
  • East Zanzibar: If palm-tree lined beaches dotted with a wide range of accommodation options is what you’re after, the east coast of Zanzibar is your best bet. Snorkeling, kite surfing, diving, boating and other beach activities are also plenty in this area, especially in the southeast area. Popular east Zanzibar beaches include Pingwe, Dongwe, Jambiani and Paje.
  • West Zanzibar: Although the west side of Zanzibar is very near Stone Town, it is usually not visited. It is very remote and there are very few lodges in the area.

Honeymoon in Zanzibar have exciting beach activities

There are a lot of things you can do with your loved one while you’re on your honeymoon in Zanzibar. If you’re into beach adventures like deep sea fishing, scuba diving or even kitesurfing, these are all enjoyable in the islands. Peaceful beach bumming and even night swimming are also available. Whatever suits your taste — whether you want to relax, have fun or both — the pristine waters and fine sands of Zanzibar will truly welcome you into its paradise.

Stone Town

honeymoon in Zanzibar - stone townThe iconic Stone Town, located in Zanzibar’s main island Unguja, is a destination on its own. In fact, many tourists from around the world fly to Tanzania to visit this UNESCO Heritage Site.

Full of history, culture and mystery in every wall, Stone Town features amazing ancient architecture, winding alleys, primeval mosques and a lot of markets and shops on the streets.


It is deemed the “cultural heart” of Zanzibar and it is home to many picturesque (think Instagrammable) spots. One of its most coveted sites is Old Fort which is a massive, bastioned structure featuring curio shops selling tourist-oriented merchandise such as tingatinga paintings.

World-class coral reef

Did you know that Zanzibar has a rich coral wilderness? The archipelago is surrounded by coral reefs, hidden in the sparkling blue waters of the Indian Ocean and so it is a famed diving spot. This experience could be something very magical for you and your spouse.

A neighbor to superlative safari parks

honeymoon in Zanzibar - safari parksOne of the major draws of Zanzibar, which is also a major reason why you should spend your honeymoon in Zanzibar is that it is very near to some of the world’s most amazing safari parks. 


Serengeti National Park, home of the Great Migration and the most number of animals per square meter in the world; Selous Game Reserve, Africa’s largest reserve and home to endangered wild dogs as well as the gorgeous Rufiji River; Ngorongoro Conservation Area, home of the world’s largest caldera that’s inhabited by an estimate of 25,000 wild animals; and Saadani National Park which sits right across Zanzibar and is the only safari park with a beachfront.

These parks are reachable either by ferry or by plane. You can also access them by bus when you get to the other side perhaps after a short ferry ride. Because, why not? A bush and beach experience with your loved one will truly be one for the books. Not only will it be possibly the wildest adventure you two can have, but it will also be utterly magical as you experience two worlds.

Activities in safari parks can range from game driving to hot air balloon rides to picnics in the midst of the wild to dining under the stars. What will make your stay even more surreal is that you get to stay in a tented camp or lodge that’s exclusively nestled in the middle of nowhere with wildlife and nature being just an arm’s reach away.

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Truly, the Zanzibar Archipelago is so much more than just the romantic coastlines and blissful sunsets. It boasts of a kaleidoscope of idyllic sights and dream-like experiences making it in no doubt a tropical dream destination and hence, a perfect honeymoon destination.

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